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Our commitment is to deliver not just products, but tailored solutions that propel your business forward. Choose us for abrasives that are designed with your unique needs in mind, ensuring your projects are powered by the best in the industry. Let’s shape the future of abrasives together, elevating your standards to new heights, NOW!

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Typical Chemical Analysis

Size Al2O3 SiO2 Fe2O3 Na2O
F60 99.45% 0.02% 0.05% 0.36%

Physical Property

Color Crystal Structure Crystal Size Melting Point Microhardness True Density
White α-Al2O3 200-400 um 2070°C 2200-2300 kg/mm² 3.9 g/cm³

Product Application

Bonded Abrasives
Coated Abrasives
Laminate Floor

Brown Fused Alumina vs. White Fused Alumina

Let’s take a closer look at the key differences between brown fused alumina and white fused alumina to help you make an informed decision when choosing the right abrasive for your needs.

Item Brown Fused Alumina White Fused Alumina
Smelting Process Produced by melting bauxite, iron filings, and anthracite at high temperatures in an electric arc furnace. Obtained by calcining aluminum oxide at high temperatures, a process that yields a finely uniform crystalline structure, resulting in its white appearance.
Color and Crystal Structure Typically brown in color, this is due to the presence of a small amount of iron elements. Its crystal structure is relatively coarse, containing prism-shaped crystals and brown particles, which endow Brown Fused Alumina with high abrasion resistance. White in color, its crystal structure is relatively fine and uniform, manifested as hexagonal columnar crystals. This gives White Fused Alumina higher hardness and excellent wear resistance.
Hardness and Performance Exhibiting relatively high hardness and wear resistance, it is suitable for general grinding and cutting applications. Its microcrystalline structure also imparts high toughness, aiding in resistance to mechanical impacts. Possessing higher hardness, it is widely used in the preparation of superhard materials and in high-precision grinding. Its particle structure also makes it suitable for applications requiring strict surface smoothness.
Application Mainly used in general grinding, polishing, sandblasting, etc. Its wear resistance and toughness make it perform exceptionally in processing metals, ceramics, glass, and other materials. Extensively utilized in applications demanding high hardness, precision, and smooth surfaces such as grinding, cutting, polishing, and abrasive coatings. It is also used in the production of high-hardness ceramics and electronic components.

In summary, Brown Fused Alumina and White Fused Alumina show significant differences in color, hardness, crystal structure, and applications. 

The choice of the right corundum material depends on the required processing performance and final product specifications.

Production Volume and Regional Distribution of WFA in China

The main production capacity of White Fused Alumina in China is concentrated in Henan and Shandong provinces. The primary reason for this is that Henan and Shandong are among the major reserves of aluminum oxide, the key raw material for White Fused Alumina. Proximity to these raw material sources significantly reduces costs. Data from 2022 indicates that Henan and Shandong produced 330,000 tons and 290,000 tons of White Fused Alumina respectively, accounting for 53.2% and 46.8% of the country’s total output.

Price Trends of White Fused Alumina in China from 2018 to 2023

Curious about the market dynamics in the abrasive industry? Dive into the six-year journey of China’s White Fused Alumina prices. It is crucial for your strategic procurement and financial planning.

2018-2019: A Model of Stability

During this period, the WFA market was a picture of equilibrium, reflecting a balance between supply and demand.

2020-Mid 2021: The Pandemic Effect

COVID-19's upheaval was felt across industries. Factory shutdowns and logistics interruptions led to a noticeable price drop in WFA, mirroring the global demand dip.

2nd half of 2021: The Rebound and Rise

Demand steadily picked up as markets warmed up. In China, a significant surge in coal and raw material costs pushed production expenses sky-high. WFA prices peaked in October.

2022: Stabilization Emerges

Post-peak, prices declined and then plateaued.

2023: Economic Headwinds

A global economic slowdown curtailed demand, leading to a continued decrease in WFA prices.


Be Careful When Choosing A New Supplier

The DISAPPOINTMENT of low quality lasts much longer than the Joy of LOW PRICE!

A Comprehensive Strategy Guide

How to Minimize RISKS When Procuring Abrasives from China?

When sourcing abrasive materials from China, mitigating risks is paramount to ensuring a seamless supply chain. Here are key strategies to achieve that:

Choosing Certified Manufacturers

Opt for manufacturers certified with the three-system certification, ensuring they have a comprehensive quality management system.

Diversify Suppliers

Don't rely on a single supplier. Having alternatives can provide a backup in case of unforeseen issues. This also gives leverage in negotiations and price stability.

Choosing Appropriate Payment Methods

Select manufacturers with suitable payment terms, which not only bind the supplier but also give more security to the buyer.

Understand Regulatory Landscapes

Stay informed about the environmental regulations in China that could impact supply. Partner with suppliers who are proactive in adhering to regulatory changes.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Filter 3-5 reputable-looking manufacturers. Deeply communicate to understand their company and product details, ensuring a precise match for your needs. Send technical specifications, obtain detailed quotations and delivery times to assess the credibility of suppliers.

Sample Testing and Factory Audits

Perform small and large sample tests to ensure the supplier’s credibility and capabilities before bulk orders. If possible, conduct on-site factory audits to gain in-depth insight into their quality control and management levels.

Trial Orders and Quality Verification

Place small trial orders, use them in the same batch, and test product quality. Evaluate the consistency of products through 2-3 batches of trial orders.

Professional Third-Party Inspection

Consider commissioning third-party professional organizations for inspections, providing an extra layer of quality assurance.

A Comprehensive Strategy Guide

How to Ask Chinese Abrasive Suppliers for Safe and Attractive Packaging?

Are you grappling with packaging woes like mismatched sizes, crooked labels, and unappealing, damaged bags? It’s time to flip the script and ensure your products arrive in style and intact, from production to usage.

Specify the Packaging Type

Define the packaging form,your suppliers need your expert guidance to nail the packaging type that suits your needs.

Specify Durable Materials

Request packaging materials that are strong and durable. Emphasize the need for moisture-resistant and tear-proof materials to protect the powder from environmental factors.

Clear and Uniform Labelling

Insist on clear and durable labeling. It should be uniformly placed on each package.

Suggest Ideal Sizes

Provide your approved packaging dimensions, drawing from your rich experience, to avoid the pitfalls of oversized or undersized packages.

Stacking and Palletizing

Provide guidelines on how the packages should be stacked and palletized. Request that pallets be wrapped in shrink wrap or strapped to ensure stability during shipping.

Compliance with International Standards

Ensure that the packaging meets international shipping standards and regulations. This is especially important for hazardous or sensitive materials.

Share Examples

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words: Provide examples or images of successful and not-so-successful packaging. Let suppliers visually grasp what you're aiming for.

Environmentally Friendly Options

If sustainability is a priority, ask for eco-friendly packaging options. This could include biodegradable or recyclable materials.

Communicate these requirements clearly and firmly to your Chinese suppliers. You might also consider drafting a detailed packaging specification document to accompany your order. Remember, effective packaging is not just about protection; it’s about ensuring that your product arrives in the best possible condition, reflecting the high standards of your business.


How to Ensure Safe Transportation of Abrasives from China

In the world of abrasive material procurement, ensuring the safe and intact delivery is as crucial as the quality of the product itself. Let’s explore how Chinese suppliers, can enhance logistic safety to protect your investment.

Container Integrity Checks

Request that suppliers conduct thorough checks on containers or transportation vehicles to ensure they are free from damage and suitable for carrying abrasive materials.

Vibration and Impact Protection

Specify packaging and transportation methods that minimize vibration and impact, which can degrade the quality of abrasives during transit. This might include the use of cushioning materials or stabilizing pallets within containers.

Loading and Unloading Procedures

Define specific loading and unloading procedures to minimize the risk of damage during these processes.

Regular Quality Checks and Updates

Arrange for regular quality checks at various stages of the supply chain. Request regular updates on the shipment's status to monitor its progress and address any issues promptly.

Temperature and Humidity Control

For certain types of abrasives sensitive to temperature and humidity, require controlled transportation environments, such as climate-controlled containers.

Insurance Coverage

Ensure that the supplier has adequate insurance coverage for the transportation of abrasives, covering potential losses or damages during transit.

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